Hopefully I can answer some questions you may have about the process here:

? What is the difference between a "selfish box" and a "for sharing" box?

! A selfish box contains 4 cupcakes - in our opinion that's a serving size... in case you have extra humans in your household or you are feeling particularly generous you can grab a "for sharing" box which contains 6 cupcakes.


? Where can I collect my order?

! The pick-up location will be in one of two central locations and will be announced a few days before the collection date.


? What happens if I need to make a change?

Unfortunately all sales are final. However if you want to add to your order and there are boxes left you are welcome to do so. Don't worry there's no need for buyer's remorse. Only joy comes from CakeWhipped bakery in the form of tiny cakes.


Is there an option for delivery?

Yes. If you choose to have your boxes delivered you will incur an additional $5 fee and can have them delivered within the central parishes the day AFTER the pre-decided collection date.


? Please don't keep me in the dark! When will the next pop-up dates be announced?

They are usually available one month before. As COVID still runs the world we try as best as we can to stick to the schedule and pop-ups are currently anticipated to take place once every other month (just in time for all the major events eg. Easter & Christmas).


Can I place a special order for an event I am planning?

! You most definitely can. Head on over to our "Get in Touch" page and submit your details. The request will be reviewed and we will let you know if it can be fulfilled or not. The earlier the request the better to avoid disappointment.